Friday, October 24, 2014

Guaranteed issue life insurance

There is a type of of permanent life insurance that does not require any medical evidence. It is usually issued between ages 50 and 80. The full death benefit is not payable usually till the third year, but the the rates are guaranteed,
Many people buy this insurance without realizing that they could qualify for a much better plan.
The guaranteed issue plans are designed for uninsurable people.
If one is insurable,there are much better plans available.
How can you know what type of plan to buy.
The first thing to do is is find a knowledgeable insurance agent that is familiar with dealing with older people.
Many times an informal application can be submitted where the insurance company will obtain the medical file and then decide what rate to offer.
Many times,it will be a much better program than the guaranteed issue plan.
It can also show that the applicant was uninsurable and guaranteed issue is the best option.
We can help evaluate your situation and decide what type of life insurance is best for you.

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